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connected teens

Mission: To provide a consistent space for teens ages 12-18 to learn valuable life skills through understanding their body and abilities to care for themselves, building relationships with other living beings and elements of the natural world, and actively practicing their natural rights.

*All content below is a work in progress and likely to be updated (central themes will remain) 
*Feedback is welcomed and encouraged- send to


I. Natural Health - Skills for Self-care                                              

- Levels of who we are: physical, mental, spiritual, and how they affect each other

- Appreciating and nourishing the body through all its phases.

- Chinese Medicine perspectives: applying the 5 Element system to our life cycles, daily habits, and body development as well as self-care techniques through understanding the body’s energetics

- Exploring the dominating paradigm of the pharmaceutical medical system, how it dominates our country’s concept of healthcare, and the effects that it has on our true state of health.

- Food as medicine: understanding whole food and nutrient dense diets and applying knowledge by making recipes from the "Nourishing Traditions" book and more.

- Natural medicine creations: various herbal medicines made for a wide variety of practical purposes.

- PE at local parks: strength training, cooperative sports and games, yoga, qi gong, obstacle courses

Assigned books:

"Healing with Whole Foods," by Paul Pitchford, "Connected Family Medicine," by Eleyah Knight, and "Farm Anatomy," by Julia Rothman.


II. Natural Connections- Importance of Relationships 

- Connecting with people through team-building activities, communication skills, mentorship opportunities with younger children, and analyzing modern relationship imbalances and potential remedies.
- Connecting with plants through stewardship of the land and growing food
- Connecting with animals through the study of local animals, their uses and purposes in
our ecosystem and how we affect each other.
- Connecting with the elements through activities to develop personal experiences with
the weather, sun, moon, stars, fire, water, wood, earth, and metal.

- Creative writing and research on topics important to students, story creations and storytelling through various art forms


Assigned books: "The Alchemist," by Paulo Coelho, "The Holy Man," by Susan Trott, and "Tao Te Ching: New English Version," by Stephen Miller.



III. Natural Rights- Our intrinsic power, our birthrights, ethics, respect, and responsibility
- Understanding natural laws and rights from diverse cultural perspectives and putting
them into action
- Career exploration through workshops, community exploration, and classes with guest teachers

Assigned Books: "Braiding Sweet Grass," by Robin Wall Kimmerer, "My Ishmael," by Daniel Quinn, and "The 5th Agreement," by Don Miguel Ruiz



What are the most important things for teens to know that they can apply to their lives now?      

What will they always benefit from knowing regardless of how the future unfolds?

How can we help them confidently become benevolent stewards of the earth? 


Locations & Logistics

Connected Teens is offered 3 days a week with opportunities some weekends and evenings for community event involvement.

Start Date: September 11th (Tues) 2023.  End Date: May 29th 2024

(Begins again September 2024)

Time logistics: 

M-  @ Knight house- Morning Lesson, Nutritious Food Prep, PE- 10am-3pm

Tu- @ Various locations- Science, Volunteer Work, Creative Adventures - 9am-2pm

W-  @ Local Business, Farm, Outdoors, Library Room, etc. for Workshop-  10am-3pm

Locations: (drop off and pick up are always at the Knight house)

1. Knight House- 1408 Talent Ave, Talent OR (Grants Pass location for 2024-2025 year TBD)

Focus: Natural Medicine- nutrition, cooking, food prep, medicine creations, and PE (at parks)

2. Science and Community Exploration-  various locations

Focus: Natural Connection-  science, gardening, mentorship, volunteer work, and creative

activities (such as community and nature exploration, creative writing, science experiments, and group creations).

3. Field Trip Workshops - various locations

Focus: Natural Rights- activities involving the implication of rights and responsibilities, career exploration, and empowering life skills through guest teacher workshops.

*Guest workshop and life skills teachers will be instructing classes at least once a week.*

*3 Pillar themes can apply to any day depending on activities available.* 

Community Involvement

Teens will also have the opportunity to participate in local events and host their own approximately once a month to be provided with crucial entrepreneurship skills .






Tuition- due monthly

Full 3 days/week: $450

2 days/week: $350

1 day/week: $300 

Supplies needed to bring: Backpack, notebook, pens and pencils (any color or type

preferred for writing and art), long pants and closed-toed shoes (at least packed with), weather-
appropriate clothes for outdoor days (warm water-proof jackets and shoes for cold rainy days)

self-care kits (provided and created during first few months or personally made), full water bottle, lunch and snacks
(on Mondays snacks will be provided and a nutrient-dense, whole foods lunch will be provided
and made together).

Cell Phone Usage: Phones are discouraged, yet are acceptable if teens have phones off or on airplane mode during the entire day, including lunchtime (unless needing to call parents). 

Credits: This program can supply a log for subjects applicable to high school credits if requested. 

Homework: Books will be assigned for reading throughout the year (listed above). Engaging, interactive projects will be assigned as well. All homework is for the student's personal growth and class discussions/activities. 

Contact Info:
Eleyah Knight (831)428-4003

*Enrollment forms will be available via email unless otherwise requested*

Please fill out this pre-enrollment form for us to best assist your needs, answer your questions, and to ensure a place for your teen in this program:



About Your Host
Eleyah Knight, L.Ac.


Eleyah is a mother of 2 teens, a licensed acupuncturist/Chinese Medicine provider, and runs a natural medicine clinic in Ashland. Her passion for developing an educational and life skills program for teens began as a response to the increasing mental and physical health challenges that teens have been facing and limited efficacy of the resources available.

She is an avid writer, reader, gardener, and imaginative creator of art, music, events, and opportunities for community connection. 

Working with children of all ages, especially in nature, has been a deep love of hers. Patience, play, and persistence have been some key values with this work. The aspects of maintaining balance in groups she's led and been involved in are respecting the individual needs of each student, having clear communication, and building mutually supportive relationships.

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