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I'm here for you and your family of all ages!

Why People Come Here:

Pain & Stress Relief 

Mental Health Concerns

Hormonal Balance

Chronic Disease Management




Dietary Advice

Family Dynamic Balancing

Pregnancy & Postpartum Support 

Digestive Health

Children's Behavioral Issues 

Detox Support

as an Alternative to Pharma Drugs

.....and more.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is so effective for common health concerns that many insurances cover it.


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Trustworthy Care

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My name is Eleyah and I've been practicing Chinese Medicine for all ages for 7 years, with 12 years total clinic experience.  

The children I brought into this world are my biggest motivation for why I offer my medicine.

Devoted to raising them as their own doctor, I'm also dedicated to helping YOU be confident in caring for yourself and your family without fear or waiting for a professional.

Informed consent with empowering patient involvement is a huge pillar of my work.

Your family will know exactly what you are signing up for and what to expect with treatments.

Free 15 minute consultations are available for your comfort in knowing if we are a good fit.


Available Treatments


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Tuning Fork
Ear Seeds
Diet and Lifestyle
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Acupuncture: the insertion of thread-thin, single use, stainless steel needles into specific points on the body. Locations of needles are based on individual needs. The points used are generally along channels that send energy to the organs through currents that travel along connective tissue. This promotes blood circulation and nerve regulation, which leads to the management of several conditions.

Cupping: After organic, hypoallergenic oil is massaged on the back (optional), glass cups (or plastic for young kids) are placed to help relax the muscles and to help move old stagnant blood and bring in new blood flow. Cups are gently moved along the back like a massage. Pressure is easily adjusted. Cups also help detox the body by bringing any stuck toxins to the surface to be eliminated. Cupping marks are to be expected for up to a week. 

Tuning Forks: These tools send healing vibrations to specific points. They help with healthy cell expression, circulation, pain relief, energy movement, and regulating nerve response. These are mostly used for patients who don't want needles, young children, and teens.

Ear Seeds: These tiny seed stickers are placed on the ears that correspond with nerve pathways leading to different areas of the brain. Children especially love having something to wear home with them as a tool to help calm their nerves and relieve pain. 

Pediatric Massage: Many childhood ailments and struggles clear up with frequent massage. Parents are taught techniques that they can use before bed to bond with and help their children heal. It's profound what simple movements can do to harmonize a small body!

What  Crystals Are Used for in Chinese Medicine: Crystals have many different functions and were studied and used much like medicinal herbs. To make pediatric treatments as elated and interesting as possible, crystals are used as tapping and brushing tools to activate acupuncture channels and points. Kids love choosing the crystal they identify with and connect to their bodies through the sensations they bring. Specific crystals are also used for specific conditions.

Diet and Lifestyle Consciousness: The vital aspects of what is put into the body, what the body does often, and what environment the body is around is discussed for holistic perspective. Resources are always available to patients such as hand-outs, books from our clinic library, and eating plans. Though Chinese Medicine involves specific diet recommendations, each patient is met wherever they are in their diet/exercise/lifestyle process. Wisdom from different nature-based sources are taken into consideration for patients to explore if they choose to.


What are these treatments most effective for?:

This is what I've seen the most relief with in my practice:

-Pain (chronic and acute)  -Hormonal Balance

-Neurological Conditions -Digestive Health -Sleep

-Relaxation  -Stress  -Anxiety 

Who are these treatments most effective for?

-People who believe in their healing process

-Anyone willing to change whatever could be causing the root of their problems

-Those who are consistent with their treatment plan

-Sensitive individuals


-Those who can communicate their needs clearly

Least effective for?

-People who are resistant to change or doing anything to modify their lifestyle choices that negatively impact their conditions

-Those who are attached to secondary benefits of their conditions/diagnoses and/or associate their identity with them and not ready or willing to let it go

-Those who feel forced into getting treatments (unwilling)

-Opiate dependency

When will I feel results? How many appts will I need?

Several people have had chronic conditions relieved almost completely after just one treatment. For this relief to last however, weekly treatments for about a month are scheduled for the body to gain the necessary rhythm of healing to the areas that need it.

After relief lasts for over a week's time, treatments are spread out. Most patients I've treated will go months or longer with relief and are always recommended to return for tune-up treatments monthly to support this continuation and prevent recurring episodes.

Will the needles hurt?

Most people I've treated don't feel the needles inserted and those who do describe it as a momentary pokey feeling.

Once in, any range of sensations that arise are caused by blood and energy moving where they need to go.

This helps sedate the body and mind.

If anything is too uncomfortable to allow rest, the needles are adjusted or taken out.

Ultimately, what's more uncomfortable, a possible second of pricking or the condition you've been dealing with?

child dancing with the five elements

What's included in my treatments?

Descriptions are listed under the service you choose on the "bookings" page. All modalities are determined by the needs of the patient. 

Why take my whole family?

The entire family dynamic is disrupted when a member is suffering or unhealthy. Getting treatments during the same time period is a deeply connective experience that increases the impact and lasting effects of your care.

Won't that get expensive though?

I'm happy to work out a package deal for families committed to their care. 

How do I prepare my child for their treatments?

Taking a child to a Chinese Medicine provider is like taking them to a conventional doctor, but much more fun and less scary! 

My book "Connective Family Medicine" is a great way to introduce and understand what we will do together, alleviate fears, and look forward to treatments. You can come get one at the clinic or order it online here:

Meet Eleyah, Your
Neighborhood Natural
Medicine Mom

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