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Chinese Medicine For Teens

Finding the right care for teen health can be a huge challenge in our modern world. Their problems can seem so complicated when in fact their solutions are often quite simple. Chinese medicine is one of the most simple, gentle, effective, and long-term systems of care for teens. 



Teens often feel disconnected from society, parents, and even themselves. Chinese medicine treatments help teens develop a naturally healthy self-awarness and deep connection to their body. This helps them learn how to feel connected to everything and everyone in their lives.

It begins with 1) feeling energy moving when acupuncture pins are inserted or tuning forks are placed on acu-points (pins not required)

2) noticing the differences in their body and mind

before and after treatments,

3)  being able to relax for longer periods of time, and

4) witnessing the changes that occur when their body builds a natural rhythm of healing with regular treatments.


Teens can easily become over-heated with rapid hormonal changes leading to emotional and physical discomforts.

Acne, headaches, anger, painful periods, aggressive behavior, and even cutting are often signs of built up heat needing to be released. Teens will engage in risky and self-harming behavior to try to feel a shift out of their extreme discomfort. 

Acupuncture, cupping, massage, diet & lifestyle counseling, and herbal medicine can all help clear this heat and

allow balance to be finally felt. 

These modalities are also safer and more effective in the long-term than pharmaceuticals are for regulating menstrual cycles and any developmental challenges.

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Interactive Treatments

Teens are fully informed and engaged with their treatments.

This is their special time to ask questions, be supported, and feel heard and seen. This holistic medicine is able to address all areas

of their life and allows them to grasp how everything is interconnected.

Rather than being told what to do, they are guided through new perspectives and shown what their current conditions are revealing. They are then able to explore the options they have in being responsible for their own health.

Life-Long Healthy Habits

Chinese Medicine treatments introduce teens to healthy habits of self-care and awareness that last a lifetime.
Are you ready to help your teen feel naturally Elated?

acupuncture for teenagers
acupuncture for teens
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