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About Eleyah

Licensed Acupuncturist and Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine

natural medicine provider

Eleyah Knight

pain relief
Hormonal balance


Nature's original medicine is my career, activism, work, lifestyle, and calling.  I have a strong sense of purpose and willpower in supporting the natural rights and healing capabilities of all beings, especially children. 

Every patient is treated with equal respect and given the attention and care that works best for them. I'm dedicated to meeting patients where they are at with their development in order to fulfill their own specific needs.

I have experience working in various clinics in Ashland and Santa Cruz, where I've treated a variety of conditions ranging from sports injuries to digestive discomforts and chronic diseases that were not alleviated by mainstream, pharma-based practices.

My healing path began while pregnant with my first child, Isen, who motivated me to be as natural with parenting as possible. While pregnant with my second, Maitreya, I felt called to take the birth into my own hands, literally, and dedicated that precious time to becoming my own midwife. This empowering experience gave me a whole new perspective on the deepest, holistically ingrained, self-directed medicine accessible.

I completed 5 years of  graduate school with a Master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine while raising Isen and Maitreya on my own. Taking several extra courses and internships in pediatrics, mental health, and community-oriented medicine helped me develop an experienced-based, humbling approach to taking care of all who have come to me for support. My most gratifying experiences with patients have involved pain relief, emotional balance, and pediatric conditions.

In September 2023, after being in practice for over 6 years, I started a nature-based teen microschool for my teens and others between the ages of 12-18. It's been an honor to pass down my Chinese and other natural medicine knowledge and experience to the youth in ways that are unique to anything else that is offered to them at this time.

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