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Five Elements Fun


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Qualities: Stomach, Worry, Confidence, Yellow, Late Summer, Sweet

Signs of Imbalance: poor appetite, weak muscles, tiredness, foggy-headed, obsessive thoughts, toothmarks on tongue


How You Can Support Your Earth Element: eat simple, easily digestible whole (unpackaged) foods, do activities that build self- esteem, eat while relaxed, do relaxing activities before bed, connect to the Earth through gardening and playing in nature, care for others, be supportive

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Qualities: Kidneys, Fear, Will-Power, Blue, Winter, Salty

Signs of Imbalance: body fluid issues, growth and development problems, feeling ungrounded/spacey, weak bones, low back pain

How You Can Support Your Water Element:

Rest when needed, stay hydrated and well- mineralized, avoid caffeiene and alcohol, exercise in nature, be near running water, reflect on yourself and life, adapt to changes

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Qualities: Lungs, Sadness, Inspiration, White, Fall, Spicy

Signs of Imbalance: depression, skin break-outs, dryness, sinus congestion, constipation, breathing issues 

How You Can Support Your Metal Element: Let go of what's not needed, be open to receive new things, eat moistening foods, avoid dairy, keep organized

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Qualities: Heart, Anxiety, Joy, Red, Summer, Bitter

Signs of Imbalance: mental health concerns, social challenges, difficult communication, poor memory, cold hands and feet, weak blood vessels, bloating, abdominal cramps, overly excited

How You Can Support Your Fire Element:  be in a supportive community, find helpful ways of expressing emotions, hold integrity in relationships (be who you say

 you are), learn what helps bring calmness

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Qualities: Liver, Anger, Creativity, Green, Spring, Sour

Signs of Imbalance: easily angered or stressed, painful or difficult movement, tendon weakness, toxic conditions, hormonal disruptions 

How You Can Support Your Wood Element: use creativity to solve problems, find inspiration, avoid hormone disruptors in many products and food, keep blood moving/be active daily

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