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A Lift From Seasonal Depression

Lack of sunlight and warmth affects everyone differently. There are so many health concerns that arise during the cold winter months that are integrally related to the inward. deep dwelling of our energy that occurs in our bodies. Naturally, this is the time our instincts tell us to store and conserve energy rather than go have fun all day. This can be very unnerving for the many people who want or need to move around more and feel more enlivened. However, we must respect our bodies and what they need us to do. The lack of momentum and inspiration we feel without the motivation of sunlight's nourishment often leads to seasonal depression and it's associated symptoms, which can appear at any level: emotional, spiritual, or physical.

Chinese medicine, with it's deepest philosophy in harmonizing with natural rhythms, can effectively lift us out of these depressing patterns. I practice it's holistic system in a way that meets patients where they are at so their specific symptoms are addressed. We explore the organ systems associated with specific patterns that are showing up and I provide a medicinal treatment involving acupuncture points, massage, cupping, herbs, and diet/lifestyle counseling. Why is this approach so effective for uplifting the spirit and reliving the body of any discomfort associated with lack of sunlight? Because it guides our bodies into a state of self-regulation/homeostasis and moves any blockages that are preventing the free flow of electricity and/or blood.

Discover what my Chinese medicine treatments in the sacred sanctuary of the Siskiyou Clinic can provide you and your family by scheduling a free 15 minute consult here:



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