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Acupuncture: Raising Human Consciousness During an Era of Increasing EMF Radiation

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Infographic of 5G City
Infographic of a 5G Surveillanced City

Energetic medicine has the potential to make a huge contribution to the evolution of human consciousness. Acupuncture could be used to help people realign with their inherent neurological functions after exposure to smart grid technologies (such as 5G, smart meters, etc)…or perhaps even prevent them from having such an extremely detrimental effect. For thousands of years it has been used to help the human body come into harmony with it’s natural state and even shown in western medical studies to be effective in bringing the body into homeostasis through endogenous mechanisms such as: the release of hormones, neurotransmitters, and regulation of body temperature and blood pressure.

Why then, could it not be applied to enhancing out consciousness and remembering the truth of who we are? Since it works by activating the body’s own electrical system (AKA the energy that sparks all our life functions) it certainly seems to me that it can even be used as a defense against toxic energy and radiation.

I realize the power in my own energetic field when I treat patients and I consciously focus on feeling into their state of being and allowing their own energy to flow the way it works best for them.

Feelings are our guidance system. I’ve lived my entire life navigating and understanding the world best by how I feel about situations, people, places, ideas, and what I put into and on my body. Of course, I’ve made several mistakes this way, but that was the only real avenue I’ve had for serious growth. Sure, I’ve learned a ton from reading and other’s experiences and mistakes, but that is simply all that the information I received those ways were- OTHER people’s experiences and observations.

Emotions can indeed even be measured by modern technological devices and have been under scrutiny of the mainstream medical world. They produce electromagnetic frequencies outside of the body and they even change the shape of water crystals.

The functional connectivity between the hippocampus and the precentral gyrus in the brain has showed enhancement after acupuncture in Alzheimer’s patients. These studies confirmed that acupuncture at specific areas of the body can modulate functional activity and connectivity of specific cognition-related regions.

Paying close attention to our emotional states is a key aspect of finding our way to ourselves. They give us a message, just like with physical pain, to gage how things we are doing or are around are interacting with us at a deeper level. Once we start paying attention to emotional patterns, we can tune into how different emotions feel in our body as well as where they are felt. Qi gong is an ancient Chinese technique of cultivating these emotions (literally, energy-in- motion), and providing a natural outlet for them to be processed and worked through our bodies to achieve optimal health.

Since every emotion is related to a specific organ system, they cause noticeable effects on the organs that manifest in specific conditions. Chinese medical practitioners have observed, treated, and documented these associated patterns between emotions and organ systems for centuries. Anger is the emotion that affects (as is caused by disturbances within) the liver. It’s no coincidence that alcohol tends to evoke violence and explosive anger; it is intoxicating the liver and causes the electromagnetic energy that is stored within it to be basically over-heated. Therefore, drastic actions are usually needed to be taken to move the toxicity and stagnated energy out. However, anger isn’t always a “bad” emotion; it’s only bad when it’s used to inflict harm. Anger has a natural moving, urgent force. For example, the heated, urgency of anger is necessary when we need to stand up for our rights and make some serious changes when we are in an oppressive situation. Some emotions associated with the liver that tend to have more of a positive vibe are creativity and inspiration. These are necessary for movement and growth, just like how our liver’s responsibility for maintaining the smooth flow of a myriad of hormonal, digestive, and detoxifying procedures is.

The more we understand and connect with our body, our emotions and our functions, the more we can know how the natural and unnatural elements around us have an effect on our consciousness and truth of who we are.


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Alex Grey Acupuncture Art
Flow of the acupuncture channels, acupuncture points, and chakras as portrayed by Alex Grey.



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