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Chronic Disease Begins in Youth

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

pills in hand
A dramatic but not uncommon portrayal of how many pharmaceutical pills an average American could be taking in one day.

A lifetime of suffering can be prevented by holistically addressing health issues that arise in the teen years, not by putting a band-aid over them with short-term relief such as drugs and conventional in-and-out therapy. The key to lifelong health quality is guiding our impressionable youth with self-care techniques and understanding of natural patterns and cycles so they are able to handle any challenges that come their way. Another major component of long-term health is finding pain and stress relief in the most natural and empowering ways possible. This is why modalities like Chinese medicine provide a crucial ability to transform the lives of those who are at risk to grow up with chronic diseases.

According to an article published on September 10th, 2018, Medford residents have the lowest life expectancy rates of the entire state. The author states that "social factors such as housing affordability, food insecurity and educational outcomes continue to undermine improvements in health outcomes—despite some strides in reducing opioid-related deaths, HIV infection, teen pregnancy rates and smoking rates. " This is a major wake-up call to all of us who live in the Rogue valley. We must do what we can in our communities to provide support educationally and socially. Volunteering for a youth program and helping spread the word about the benefits of safe, effective, holistic therapies are great ways to end this trend of low life expectancy.

To learn more about how youth and all populations at risk of chronic disease can be assisted with Chinese medicine, come visit the sacred sanctuary of the Siskiyou Clinic of Natural Medicine in Ashland, Oregon.

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