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Empowering Holistic Health Books!

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

"When Man is fully alive in his own heritage, realizing the wonders and possibilities of his body, and the power of spirit to control it, and to provide for its needs, it will assert the divine right within him to be a spirit in command of its own temple, and the environment of that temple, and will rejoice in the revealed truth of his own divinitiy that alone can make him free." - George W. Carey

This is the very first natural parenting and natural medicine related book I was introduced to! It was given to me when I was young and pregnant with my first child.

It's such a simple yet mind opening work of love that really helps new mothers make informed choices about their birth, diet, health, and lifestyle.

This book inspired me to have a clear birthing plan and a hospital birth on (mostly) my terms.

It was the foundation of my further reasearch into natural medicine and parenting that I revolve my life journey around and am in such gratitude of daily <3

This is a book I recommend to every parent who wants guidance and nourishment.

It's a wonderful read and full of useful tips, recipes, and information to help parents feel in charge of their own way of living in harmony with their intuition and nature.

Based on Weston Price principles, this book encourages a holistic way of eating and raising a family that makes sense and feels good.

"Disease" is NOT what modern medicine and media potrays it to be. It is our intricately designed body's way of preventing death by bringing attention to it's needs, which are rooted in mineral imbalances. Our bodies are always alchemizing the elements around us to build and regenerate. This book is a poetic, authentically scientific, and spiritually empowering work that connects us to the truth of our humanity.

The Ringing Cedar Series changed my life profoundly! I wish I read them before I gave birth so I could raise my kids according to the principles that Anastasia teaches.

They help us in the industrialized modern world reconnect with our true history/heritage/natural roots, medicine, needs, spirit, and power.

Electromagnetic energy is the foundation of life and this book helps us understand how simple and free energy is! We can harness and utilize the polarized energy between the sky and the Earth without having to build massive complicated structures that have been disturbing the natural frequencies of the Earth for centuries.

Grasping the concepts of how electromagnetic energy works in nature shows us how our bodies work with this same energy.

The Earth's natural (Schumann) resonace is the same as the human brain's! We are truly one with our natural environment.

This research-packed book reveals the history of our world's eletrical and technologic evolution and widespread epidemics.

The more we know about how electricity impacts our lifestyle, conceptuality of life, and especially our bodies, the more we understand the root of our disfunctions and how to address them.

There is a whole word of light spectrums that we can't see with our eyes, yet affect our hormones/chemical rhythms.

This is a must-read for anyone who wants to thoroghly investigate the root of mainstream medical theories and why they are practiced the way they are today.

Controversial in these early 2020 years indeed, it's a work that needs to be considered, even if not fully understood or believed.

Industries and governments have ultimately been ran by the stories of those who have the most money, resources, and political power.

This book reveals how this truth has infiltrated the way we view and practice medicine and our own upbringing.

Encouraging us to tap into our true potential, this book is beaming with inspiration in every page. Not only has the author lived up to his truth with his tireless work, he's incessantly reassuring his audience that they have the same abilities to reach unbelieveable heights in their personal health, endurance, and capabilites.

A deeply connective story that embraces the spirit of liberation and true purpose.

It's easy to get absorbed in the fascinating descriptions of the journeys taken by a man that is seemingly invincible by becoming one with the elements of nature.

It's a wonderful read for anyone who needs reconnection to their soul and the truth of their existence.



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