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The Roots of Family Health

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

As adults, we've seen our world considerably change since we were children. We are faced with

raising our kids during times of intense economic change, uncertainty, technology addiction, and

powerfully influential and divisive media. As we journey with our family through the confusion, layers

of information, and social pressure, the most logical path we can take involves going back to the

simple, natural basics of what it means to have authentic human connection.

As a Chinese medicine provider and mom, treating and raising children according to the principles of

natural, holistic relationships within and outside of the body, I have learned so much about balancing

the demands of the modern world.

Listed below are easily digestible points to take into consideration to address the roots of family health:

• Hormonal Health: There are several hormone disruptors in conventional products. We must

teach our kids to avoid products with ingredients we aren't familiar with.

• Wireless tech and cell phones: Radiation sickness has been misdiagnosed and misunderstood.

Cell phones disconnect us from reality and emit an invisible light that disrupts our hormonal

cycles. We can get a land line and encourage ways to meet up regularly with friends in person.

Children under 16, especially if they don't have a job or other adult-like responsibilities, are not

mature enough to have a cell phone.

• Blue light and LED's: These lights interfere with melatonin production and other chemicals that

regulate our sleep, moods, and growth. LED's flash 10,000 times a second, overstimulating our

nervous system. Incandescent and natural light is what our bodies thrive best with.

• Rhythm and routines: Kids crave these. When they know what to expect, there is less stress,

break-downs, and arguments.

• Nourish life and it will nourish you: Caring for plants and animals teaches more than

responsibility; they also nourish the soul and inspire new ideas, connections, and gratitude.

• Daily physical family bonding activities: Team-oriented games are especially fun ways to keep

authentic connection (and humor) strong. Rotating games so everyone is happy addresses

diverse interests.

• Self-care: When our kids see us meet our needs, they will learn how to meet their own. Taking

time to develop an exercise practice, seeing a health provider who helps relax tension, and

regularly participating in inspiring, creative activities are just a few ways of modeling this.

Active family in nature



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