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What Clients Say

"I've been a (client/patient) of Eleyah's for a while now and I always find so much physical and emotional relief from her treatments. I just had my first baby and I don't think I could have managed the pregnancy pain in my hips without her extra care. I highly recommend Eleyah!!"

~Sydney, Applegate, OR

I have been enjoying fantastic results from acupuncture received at the Siskiyou Clinic of Natural Medicine. It was very effective in reducing pain and increasing range of motion on my rotator cuff injury. This is after many attempts to address this injury. Well done Eleyah!

~David, Ashland, OR

After I see Eleyah, I feel calm and relaxed. I also feel  happy. I like when she uses the cups on me because they make me feel calm too. Plus she’s funny and makes me laugh!”

-sweet child, age 8

Eleyah worked on my daughter and myself for nearly 6 months. During that time, We both had a significant reduction in stress and physical pain. Eleyah is especially good at noticing common issues among family members and addressing them with individuals to keep the family system strong. She is passionate, deeply intuitive and unafraid to take her strong foundation in TCM beyond its conventional basis to do what’s best for her client. Not only is Eleyah a highly skilled acupuncturist and TCM practitioner, her authentic presence as a powerful healer of our times is at the center of the work she does, as well as the life of integrity and balance that she chooses to live. It’s a genuine gift to work with this professional and outstanding human being.

~ grateful mama

 “I may very well owe my whole well-being to Eleyah. In early 2020, I developed a serious, possibly life-threatening, staph infection. I had tried to treat it myself for about 3 months with no avail. I was beginning to lose hope. Aware of the grave dangers of using antibiotics, I was considering taking a dose of one. I then consulted Eleyah at her clinic. She was a bright light that shined through that dark and uncertain time. Her friendly, hopeful energy gave me optimism I had not experienced for some time. I was impressed by her extensive knowledge of the gut-microbiome and it’s amazing ability to heal. She prescribed to me an intricate blend of herbal tea to drink. The very next day, I began to see great results. The herbs worked just like she had described, but what really stood out to me was Eleyah’s attitude and approach to my dire situation. She was calm, collected and tranquil while informing and directing me. I entered the situation in fear, but left self-assured that I was going to recover.

              Eleyah’s work signifies the importance and need for a shift in the way we are treating health conditions today. Natural and safe treatment IS an option available to everyone. What most doctors pescribe these days are a quick fix, often including harmful, long-term side effects. It is paramount that we know what we are putting in our bodies and the bodies of our loved-ones, and that it is safe short-term AND long-term. I thank Eleyah and her clinic for their help and admire how they are paving the way to a brighter and safe future for our communities and loved ones.”

~ Patient

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